Hats by Jean

Have you found your outfit for that special occasion? Yes? Well, well done!!! That's the hardest part over... let us take it from here to work with you to create a beautiful headpiece to top off your attire.

At Feather & Frill we will work closely with you to create your very own hats by Jean.

We will go through various styles & details with you to ensure we create that perfect headpiece to compliment your outfit. 

The appointment usually takes up to half and hour & our prices vary depending on the styles, but if you've a budget then let us know & that's what we'll work towards.

Please give us as much time as possible to create your headpiece - preferably no less than 4 weeks. On average our hats cost between €125-190.

Don't forget that Feather & Frill also stocks a vast array of beautiful outfits suitable for every special occasion.

Brushed Gold
Feathered Black

Crimson Lily
Crimson splash
Cyan Twirl

Blue Wave
Pure Blue

Golden Fan
Ivory Tip
Soft Mist

Lady Lace
Pretty Pink
Soft Halo
Balanced Pink